Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dimethocaine hits the market

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Thursday, March 18, 2010


Chemical name: (3-diethylamino-2,2-dimethylpropyl)-4-aminobenzoate

Other names: Larocaine


Dimethocaine is derivated from cocaine, it is not a part of the natural alkaloid mixture from the coca shrub. Dimethocaine is a research chemical, mainly as local anesthetic, but the stimulant properties had been revealed soon. First it was mentioned that dimethocaine has only 10% of the potency from cocaine, but user reports had shown this is not correct, the effects had been much stronger than expected. The effects are similar to those of cocaine, mood lift, euphoria and stimulation, the effects don´t come in a rush like cocaine, but last longer.

Ways of administration and dosages

Dimethocaine for recreational usage is taken like cocaine, insufflated, but it is also possible to take it intravenous. It is not recommended to take extremely high dosages of dimethocaine to get a cocaine like rush, the dosage would be so high that it could be a problem for the cardiovascular system. Insufflated a regular dosage of dimethocaine ranges from 100 up to 200 mg, but beginners should start at lower dosages, recommended are 50 mg.

If used intravenous, than the dosage would be much lower, but consumers still use up to 100 mg to achieve stronger effects.

Effects and side-effects

If dimethocaine was insufflated, the effects require 15-20 minutes to come up. Mostly the user starts to feel a bit more energetic and euphoric, when sitting down a tingling can be felt throughout the body. The main effects last for 3 hours, additional 2 hours to get back to normal. The overall effects are very similar to those of cocaine, but they come up slowly and are consistent in strength. Regular cocaine consumers have a craving for another consumption, shortly after the peak from cocaine has gone. With dimethocaine those cravings are regular not present, only if the substance was taken intravenous over a longer time period and in higher dosages.

A regular experience with an average dosage of 100 mg, starts with a small numbness in the nose. Dimethocaine is a local anesthetic and therefore it doesn´t burn, nor it feels unpleasant, after 3-4 minutes the nose can be a bit drippy and a chemical, cocaine like taste can be felt in the throat. After 15-20 minutes the effects start with a slight energetic and euphoric feeling, consumers feel stimulated, sometimes talkativeness is also an effect at the beginning.

Peak is regular reached 20-30 minutes after insufflating dimethocaine, the effects from the beginning increase, consumers seem to prefer physical activities. Thoughts seem to come faster and easier, a nice body feeling and often also a increased desire for music and dancing. Unlike cocaine, dimethocaine has a consistent effect, no ups and downs, this makes the experience more comfortable, cause there are no cravings or uncomfortable sudden changes in effects.

The peak starts to fade 3 hours after insufflating, but this also doesn´t happen in a rush, the effects start to fade slowly, just like the experience started. After 4-6 hours also all after effects are gone, mostly the consumer feels a little bit tired after the experience.

Side-effects are unknown, cause the recreational history of dimethocaine is short. But it can be expected to have similar side-effects like cocaine, therefore it is not recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases or other illnesses. A single dosage of dimethocaine has normally no noticeable after effects at the next day, but continued consumption or high dosages can lead to hangovers. Through the influence on the cardiovascular system, it is not recommended to use high dosages, continued consumption or intravenous application. Through the stronger effects of an intravenous injection, dimethocaine can also lead to slight cravings, they are not comparable to those of cocaine, but still noticeable.

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